Our vodka starts when the finest local grains, malted less than 40 miles from our distillery, are fermented in a bath of pure lake Itasca water.  Each exceptionally small batch is handcrafted from beginning to end under our founder’s watchful eye. What remains after our discerningly narrow cuts have been made is only the best of the best, only 6% of the spirit is of high enough quality to make the Norseman Grade.  Its bottled by hand, and only then do we put our name on it.


Norseman vodka is distilled in our custom made continuous still which distills the alcohol 100’s of times.  We then polish the spirit in a specialized finishing still to create a pure american made vodka free of any fillers and additives, that puts the imports to shame.


Over ice or mixed in your favorite drink, Norseman Vodka tastes like the wilderness and freedom in a glass. Enjoy responsibly.